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Handmade bag with organic aromatized salt

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  • Handcraft Bag - 100% Provence
description générale absinthe biologique plante séchée aromatique herboriste lecabridor

Handcraft bags 100% organic made in Provence, France. This gift is unique, original and 100% ecological, it also includes :

  • 40 grams of Salf from Organic with Garlic's bear herbs - 100% Organic
  • 40 grams of Salf from Organic with lavender - 100% Organic
  • 40 grams of Salf from Organic with herbs of Provence - 100% Organic

Textile used are "Oeko-tex" and they are all been conceived in the heart of Provence. An original gift made by Le Cabri D'Or. As always, 100% organic and 100% made in Provence, France. A gift that will drive you wild !

The handbags are in limited collection.

Histoire et Folklore Plante Aromatique Séchée BIO
The magic of those handbags comes from an old regional knowledge and high-quality products. The salt comes from Camargue, a region in Provence well-known for its high-quality salt. 
Not only th esalt comes from Provence, but the herbs and plants too. This is a product certified organic.

vertus et bien être herboriste biologique artisan français

The active cells of the garlic's bear are very interesting. Indeed, those herbs are well concentrated with vitamine C. Traditionally, we use garlic's bear for cardiovasculary pathology, diarrhea, or against instetinal worms.
Many others used have been well documented. For instance, against the flew, or to protect the liver.

Préparation culinaire biologique le cabri d'or artisan bio
A subtil alliance between salt and garlic's bear will allow you to raise flavors of meat. This mix is deal to be taken with rissotos, potatoes.

En savoir plus le cabri d'or plante aromatiques séchées
-*Oeko-tex : label which states that this is not affected the health or made with toxic chemicals.

biologique le cabri dor naturel circuit court ecologique

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