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Organic green oregano hydrosol

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  • Green oregano hydrosol - Vulgar oregano hirtum

Also called "floral water", the hydrosols form the aqueous fraction obtained during the distillation of flowers and vulgar oregano hirtum. These are cultivated and then transformed between Lubéron and Durance, respecting this beautiful Provencal environment (100% organic and artisanal).

Oregano hydrosol has many interesting properties. It is strengthening and stimulates the immune defenses, it is part of the hydrosols which prevent all ENT diseases. We also note its digestive tonic action in the event of indigestion and bloating.

This hydrosol, organic and 100% produced in Provence, is offered in an eco -responsible plastic packaging fully recycled and recyclabe (PET - Ethylene polyterephtaplate).


  • Hydrosal identity sheet

Plant used

Green oregano - Vulgar oregano Hirtum.


Drinks, infusion, sauces, salads, pizzas, vegetables, poultry, red meats, fish, crustaceans.

Shape / quantity

Organic hydrosol / 200 ml.


France - 100% organic and craft hydrosol.


Anti-infectious, antiviral, immune stimulating, tonic.

Contraindications:notE not use in pregnant or lactating women, or in children under 3 years of age.


  • Dosage recommended for organic hydrosol:

ENT infection

Orally, 1-3 tsp. teaspoon of oregano hydrosol in a glass of drinking water at any time.

For digestion

Orally, take 1 tsp. cable of oregano hydrosol in a glass of hot water.

For the skin

By skin, spray oregano hydrosol on damaged areas (acne).

For canker sores

Orally, add 1 tsp. cable of oregano hydrosol in half a glass of water, in gargling.


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- Book : "Treatise on scientific and medical aromatherapy, hydrosols "(1st ed.), Faucon, M., & Canac, P. (2018).

- Book : "Complete dictionary of hydrosols and floral waters: 100 treated pathologies ", Zahalka, J. P. (2017).




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