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Organic vulgar fennel - Seeds

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  • Fennel VulgaiD - Feoniculum vulgare

In addition to its virtues, fennel is a great classic in the kitchen. Its seeds give a fresh and sweet delicacy that will perfume your dishes. A flavor close to anise which remains less sweet. Seeds are a good ally to manage a Difficult digestion therefore adequate after a hearty meal. It can be noted that fennel herbal teas also promote lactation in women during breastfeeding.


Vulgar fennel - Feoniculum vulgare.


Infusion, decoction, powder, dyeing, syrup, in juice, wine, pasta, rice, woks, tagine, vegetables.

Shape / quantity

Dry organic whole seed/ 60g - 300g.


France - 100% organic seeds.


Antispasmodic, digestive, aperitif, carminative, diuretic.

Contraindications: not recommended for people prone to allergies (request a medical advice), to Women who had breast, ovaries or uterus cancer.

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