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Organic Bourdaine - Racine

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  • Bourdaine - Frangula alnus

This beautiful shrub belongs to our French flora and grows particularly well in Provence. The bark of Bourdaine, once dried, has a sweet and slightly bitter flavor. By adding a little sage, the taste is sublimated.


Bourdaine - Frangula Alnus.


Infusion, decoction, honey.

Shape / quantity

Dry organic cutting root/ 60g - 300g.


France - 100% organic shrub.


Laxative, purgative, gastrointestinal disorders.

Contraindications: Not recommended for people with an inflammation of the colon or the digestive tract, for pregnant women and for children (<12 years).


To raise the taste of Bourdaine:

- A little sage? See


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