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Frequently Asked Questions

The orders

How to track my order ?

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When your package is sent from our region, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number to be used on the distributor's website. However, he can hide in unwanted letters. If however, you do not have visibility, do not hesitate to contact us by email

What is a Franco?

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The term Franco (or franc of port) is used in commercial language in order to describe the deliveries during which the sender and not the recipient covers the cost of the transport of goods.

The prices are defined to obtain a just price for our producers and promotes short circuits since all our products are regional. The Cabri d'Or is advisable to give a delivery to the customer from a certain amount in order to promote and stimulate the discovery of new plants and herbs.

Plants and their virtues

The virtues of plants

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There are more than 330,000 known and currently identified plant species in the world, including a few hundred which are distinguished by their medicinal virtues. These particular plants enter into the composition of remedies used in phytotherapy and aromatherapy.

The Cabri d'Or therefore looked at some of these virtues associated with the plants of our regions, sometimes unsuspected. It should be noted that if virtues are associated with plants, these must be consumed with discernment. Like any food, there may be contraindications according to your profile, your allergies etc. Do not hesitate to request a medical advice to clarify the doubts you may have.

As we say by us "at any time, its plant and to anyone its quantity".

How do you design your recipes despite the diversity of plants?

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Essays, tests and more tests. We also inspired ourselves a lot on what was done on the internet and general knowledge. The use of Provence herbs on grills, a tomato pie or on a raw vegetable salad always has its small effect.

We also rely on the advice of our followers, do not hesitate to tell us about your suggestions and your experiences. We will be happy to try it ourselves and share it with the community.

Catalog of dried organic dried herbs and plants

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Find our "Flipbook" catalog which refer all dried herbs and aromatic plants by clicking here.

For professionals, you can contact us here For a first contact and possibly work on a partnership.

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