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Tisane Teint Terne - Bardane et Thym

Dull complexion herbal tea - Bardane and thyme

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Taa for the skin - dull complexion

Properties of organic dried aromatic plants

  • Arctium Lappa
Organic Bardane Le Cabri d'Or herbalism herbalism tea skin skin skin

The Bardane Root, as indicated on its ,   

  • Thym properties - Thymus Carvaro
Thymus Carvaro Thym Biological Le Cabri d'Or Herbalist Tisane Infusion Herbal Tea

technical sheet 

Why combine burdock and thyme?

  • Combination of Bardane and Thyme

A of the principles of base in phytotherapy is the synergy Between them Plants. our concoct a , he is useful to combine different aromatic dried plants having of the properties medicinal similar and in relationship with the

For this recipe, we  on of the plants with of the Interesting properties for the skin.

Preparation of this organic herbal tea?

  • How to prepare your infusion?
  1. Make the 500ml of water shudder in a saucepan.
  2. Pour it over the barda (2-6gr) and thyme root mixture and let infuse 15 minutes.
  3. Filter drink 3 cups per day.

    Special recommendations?

    Except for the very rare cases of allergy, the consumption of burdness is considered to be without danger for humans as well as thyme. Beware, however, of excesses that can always cause complications. Remember to call on the advice of a doctor to accompany you.

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