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Tisane Pour la Peau - Bardane et Pensée Sauvage

Tea for the skin - Bardane and wild thoughts

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Bardane and wildlife bonuse infusion


These 2 well -known plants in phytotherapy have a synergistic activity on the skin and beauty. Indeed, the root of burdness; "Arctium Lappa ", is rich in inulin, a liver deputy. Wild thought, "Viola Tricolor ", will depure the skin and excess sebum and help smooth the skin and reduce imperfections.

The combination of these two elements gives a purifying, purifying, and which eliminates toxins.

Properties of organic dried aromatic plants

  • Burdock

Bardane is used in internal use for its purifying and diuretic properties. Rich in active ingredients, it promotes the elimination of toxins accumulated in the liver.

In addition, Bardane has beneficial effects on the beauty and sparkle of the skin. It helps for juvenile acne, skin lesions or eczema. Against, these multiple skin infectious lesions, this plant remains, by its effectiveness, unique in its kind.

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  • Wild thought

Wild thought is not only a magnificent flower with these particular colors. It is also known for its use for skin problems: juvenile acne, eczema and psoriasis from which it relieves itching.

Biological organic thought good for the skin good for the skin herbal your infusion healthy le cabri d'or plants

Why combine burdness and wild thought?

To understand the combinations of certain herbal teas proposed by phytotherapists, naturopaths, we must understand the notion of synergy of active ingredients.

Synergy of active ingredients: all the natural substances contained in the plant is called the totum. This notion of totum specific to phytotherapy considers that the whole plant is pharmacologically much higher than that of the sum of its constituents.

The interest of using burdness and wild thought is therefore due to the fact that although they both have benefits on the skin, the combination of these two plants in the same infusion will create a synergy even more effective than If they were taken separately.

Preparation of this organic herbal tea in 3 steps

  1. Make 1l of water shudder in a saucepan.
  2. Add bardaic root (10 to 20gr) and wild thought (20 to 30gr).
  3. Filter, drink 3 cups per day in cure for 3 weeks.

Special recommendations?

It is important to always use aromatic herbs and plants from organic farming. The origin of your dried herbs is also important because the different controls/rules between countries and the quality of your herbs will therefore not be the same.

Keep your herbs away from light in krafts sachets for example and make sure you close it.

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