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Tisane Digestion - Myrtilles

Digestion tea - blueberries

Decoction Biological leaflets stomach bread diarrhea, transit, gold cabri

Properties of organic dried aromatic plants

  • Properties of blueberries -Mytillus vaccunium
Blueberries for colic diarhea or tourist remedy natural cabri

Dried blueberries, as shown in the technical sheet, is anti-diarrheal. Indeed, these leaves are made up of tannins which make it an excellent remedy for diarrhea. In addition, the blueberry leaf contains several vitamins (such as vitamin P) and flavannic polyphenols, which explains that it was traditionally used to deal with all kinds of problems such as inflammation, blood circulation problems, hair fragility or Finally for diabetes. For the record, we sometimes nickname it "vegetable insulin".

Preparation of this organic herbal tea?

  • How to prepare your infusion?
  1. Boil 20cl of water and 5-7 grams of blueberries leaves in a saucepan for 5 minutes.
  2. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes.
  3. Filter then drink from this decoction up to 1L maximum per day depending on your condition.


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