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Herbal tea joints - white willow

Organic white willow the golden cabri decoction The Cabri d'Horburiterie Artisanale Provence Articulation Arthritis Arthritis

Herbal tea joints - white willow

Organic white willow decoction arthritis arthritis arthritis le Cabri d'Or herbalism

Properties of the white willow bark

The properties of the white willow are particularly known and recognized for relieving lumbar pain or even relieving the pain caused by osteoarthritis. The use of the willow bark has indeed been used for centuries. The Chinese already knew the properties feverish and pain relievers before J-C. In short, a decoction that is worth the detour!

Preparation of this organic herbal tea?

  • How to prepare your decoction?
  1. Boil the white willow for 5 minutes with the water in a saucepan.
  2. Let the decoction infuse 10 minutes.
  3. Filter and drink 1 cup before each 3 -week, renewable cure meal.

The differences between decoction and infusion?

Cabri d'Or has identified the different consumption techniques in order to understand the differences here.

Special recommendations?

In infusion, the dose usually used is 5g/cup and we take this decoction before each meal.

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