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Infusion Biologique

Lavender infusion and thousand organic - 100% relaxing

Relaxing infusion with lavender and thousandpertuis

  • Lavender properties

The soothing and sedative properties of lavender promotes the reduction of sleeping time. In essential oil, eIt can be used as antibacterial and antiseptic treatment for healing, relieves insect bites and sunburn.

Organic dried lavender Le Cabri d'Or


  • Millepertuis properties

In phytotherapy, St. John's Wort is renowned for its relaxing virtues. This plant can be infused in light and moderate cases of depressions.

Thousand organic the gold cabri


  • Combination of lavender and thousandpertuis

When making a mixture of plants to make a herbal tea, this mixture must be pleasant to the sight and to taste. The interest in the mixture of these 2 references is that it consolidates the relaxing and soothing properties of these two aromatic plants.

  • How to prepare your infusion?

At the rate of 5 to 12 grams (equivalent of 2 tablespoons) of each dry plant per liter of boiling water. Drink 3-4 cups per day. If you are alone, you can also use an organic reusable artisanal sachet for your infusion.


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Special recommendations?

Beware of excesses: we recommend Cure should not exceed a maximum duration of 4 days and 4 herbal teas per day. If the symptoms, at the origin of the taking, persist, a medical opinion is necessary.


To find out more, do you know the different techniques for taking dried herbs? Maceration, infusion, decoction?

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