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bardane biologique infusion bio naturelle de qualité

Organic Bardane Decoction

Organic Bardane Roots of the Golden Cabri

Bardaic roots are ideal and known for their detoxifying properties that lighten the liver and treat skin problems (acne, oily skin). Bardane also quickly relieves joint pain (eg rheumatism, gout crisis). Its most widespread use is in decoction, but it can also be used in maceration, mother dye, or even make it a syrup.


 Organic Bardane Decoction



Dry organic bard

1 C. Coffee.


Bardane preparation

  1. In cold water, place 2-5g of burdensions (about 1 tsp) of dry roots per cup of water.
  2. Boil for at least 5 minutes then infuse 10 minutes.


Special precautions?

  1. 2 cups per day are recommended. Not to exceed.

Do you know the techniques (maceration, decoction, infusion) and their differences? Do not worry, find all the necessary information here.



Bardane is often taken in decoction for people for detox and little extra, it is better and more appreciable than the artichoke.

Cabri packaging is 100% vegetable, unique and make it possible to best keep the flavor and the active ingredients of the plant, while respecting the environment (short production circuit, organic farming).


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