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Infusion pour les cheveux - Thym

Hair infusion - thyme

Thyme infusion scalp benefits pushing organic hair the golden cabri

Thyme and its benefits on the scalp


The thyme stimulates the scalp irrigation and will thus solidify the roots of your hair. It is a toning and sanitizing ingredient that allows you to gain thickness while restoring a little radiance and volume to your hair. Used in rinsing after shampoo, this thyme infusion embellishes hair while toning it. Particularly effective on brown hair.

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Infusion preparation

  • Make shredding water in a saucepan.
  • Add the thyme (count 15-20gr for 1L of water) and let infuse for ten minutes.
  • Filter then rinse your hair with this infusion after your shampoo.

Do not hesitate to tell us about your comments on the effect of this infusion at home and if that has brought you convincing results.

Thym's infusion is not only good for hair of course and we will soon make you discover all the other virtues of this grass known to all Provencals.

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