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Tea ? Tisane ? Rooibos?

Organic tea organic rooibos organic le Cabri d'Or
  • Introduction

Many people ignore the difference between herbal teas, tea and rooibos. However, the differences between the effects on our body between these three drinks are very notable. We will try to dissect all of this in this article.

  • Little word

The Cabri d'Or advises you to choose only products having undergone any chemical treatment for these drinks, and therefore to favor organic farming in order to ensure that the benefit/risk balance is completely clear. The Cabri is based in Provence and works in a 100% local logic. For this reason, you will not find rooibos or teas sold on our website.


The differences between herbal tea, tea and rooibos

  • Herbal tea

It is a curative drink obtained by infusion, decoction or maceration. These preparations allow the extraction of the aromatic compounds of plants. These techniques vary according to the part of the plant used, whether the leaves, flowers, roots, seeds or fruits.

Among the most popular herbal teas, we can cite the herbal tea of ​​Verbena*, Mint*, of thyme*. These herbal teas have very different flavors but they are generally used for their virtues. Indeed, the herbal teas have a thousand and one virtues: digestive, invigorating, detoxifying, relaxing, antiseptic ...

To all everyday ills corresponds a herbal tea!

  • Tea

Like herbal tea, tea has been a drink known for centuries. We also infuse the plant. But the common points stop there and unlike herbal tea, tea has tea. This is the most consumed drink in the world after water. Tea is available in several varieties:

  • white tea
  • green tea
  • yellow tea
  • black tea

They all come from the same kind of tree. This same tree, called "Camelia sinensis"or more commonly called the tea.FFbetween these varieties depends on the one hand of the part of the tea tree used be buds or leaves and drying process, processing of these parts. This aims to modify the nuance, taste and visual appearance of teas by temperatures and infusion degreesFFerente.

Depending on the countries, the ways of consuming are different. So you can drink it with milk in England, mint leaves in the Maghreb, spices and milk in India. Tea has become an important cultural element for countries that have adopted it.

  • Rooibos

Rooibos is sometimes called red tea in the West. However, it is absolutely not part of the tea family. Indeed, rooibos comes from a small reddish shrub which grows in the mountains of South Africa, and it does not contain tea, nor any other exciting. These characteristics make this drink interesting for children or pregnant women. Rich in active ingredient, it is much used in South Africa to treat digestive disorders and for its antioxidant and detoxifying properties. Rooibos can drink hot or cold. Often prepared nature, it is quite possible to mix it with herbs, spices or dried fruits to flavor it.

Tea tea and organic rooibos The golden cabri




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