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Les Remèdes Naturels

Natural remedies

Phytotherapy Biological natural remedy herbs and dried plants


The renewed interest in recent years for natural medicines has changed the landscape of contemporary therapies. Certain dogmas have been undermined, like the first command of conventional medicine which stipulates that healing a disease amounts to living healthy. This precept occults the essential fact that a pathology links to a human being, the patient, and that prevention is ultimately greater than treatment, for the majority of us.

Modern medicine vs. Health

During the COVID crisis, the policies put in place undermined all the safeguards that allowed people to keep good health:

  • Confinement, rupture of social and human ties
  • Closure of sports halls
  • Abolition of local medicine for the benefit of a doliprane
  • Closure of French restaurants and bistros for the benefit of the unhewed brought by deliverers

Modern medicine has indeed forgotten basic health principles in order to focus on an axis of silver and crazy profitability. Also, it is important that individuals take over the responsibility of their daily health above all else, and that one could articulate on several axes:

  • The importance of nutrition and to have healthy food hygiene
  • Sport and to be active every day
  • Social/friendly links for the psychological aspect

The Cabri d'Or is overlooked in a proposal around nutrition and thus offer organic dried aromatic herbs and plants, therefore devoid of chemicals, as well as aromatic salts (for example, a fine organic salt from Camargue to the Biological bear garlic) in order to restore this pleasure of cooking while benefiting from the virtues of plants.

Major disciplines around natural remedies

Many people still ignore major therapeutic disciplines such as homeopathy, aromatherapy, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda phytotherapy, therapy based on floral essences, popular or traditional and dietetic medicine. We will look at these different disciplines in future articles in order to support your curiosity even if the heart of the Golden Cabri activity is particularly based on phytotherapy.

The interest of these disciplines is that, unlike modern medicine, these focus on the individual and takes into account health as a combination of 3 factors:

  • the look
  • the mental
  • The spiritual

The idea of ​​these disciplines is therefore to create a balance in order to arouse a total feeling of well-being, both inside and outside.

Introduction to herbal medicine

An ancestral plant consumption

The exploitation of plants by humans has been practiced by all civilizations in the world. Phytotherapy is the oldest, most reliable and best tolerated form of medicine. the Papyrus Ebers , dates back to the time of the pharaohs, and already lists 85 plants, some of which are mint, still offer the same applications today. Chinese herbarium, the Pen Tsao, Includes more than a thousand plant remedies. We can also quote Hippocrates who also identified a number of plants, remedies and treatments.

Principles of phytotherapy

Phytotherapy is based on simple principles, listed below:

  • The plant in its entirety is more effective than in the form of isolated extract.
  • The patient is perceived as a global entity and not only symptoms.
  • The idea is to strengthen and stimulate the body so that it heals itself.

A singular advantage of VS plants. modern medicine

Plants can be ingested in complete safety as soon as they are taken respecting a dosage and we observe certain rules that could be summed up like this:

  1. Use simple remedies
  2. Respect the dosages. Increasing doses does not mean increasing anything efficiency, and on the contrary, it can have counterproductive effects.
  3. Record developments
  4. If in doubt, consult a professional
  5. Consider the individual as an entity, and do not only stop symptoms.

Where to find these plants?

You can buy plants or seeds in a garden center to cultivate them in your garden. Be careful to check the Latin name so as not to be mistaken. Otherwise, you can get your dried plants on our online store, check the Latin name and the part of the plant to be used before ordering. All our products are cultivated and harvested in France (south of France) and come from organic farming.


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