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sachets à infuser biologiques écoresponsables tea bag

The reusable craft sachets of the Golden Cabri

The craft sachets of the Cabri d'Or

The reusable sachets washable in organic cotton, the organic and ecological alternative to disposable filters that will infuse your favorite natural plants with natural!
In organic cotton and guaranteed without any chemical treatment, it will allow you to infuse your herbs and organic dried aromatic plants of the golden cabri with all serenity! Its size is ergonomic for your cup, a bowl or even a teapot. Find our bags for infusion here.

Sachets 0 biological waste crafts FranceA reusable/washable bag for your infusions, in organic cotton, to say stop with disposable paper bags


  • Why choose the washable infusions bag?
  1. Going to the reusable sachets is to avoid throwing the little paper bag from your favorite tea every day.
  2. We have chosen to create a 100% organic cotton infusion bag (cord and olive pearl without chemical treatment) and 100% French. Cotton is certified "GOTS" by the ECOCERT organization.
  3. A more natural way to express all the flavor of the plants.
  • Usage tips
  • Fill your infusion bag with what you want like one or more plants or herbs to infuse your choice according to your needs.
  • Tighten the cord using the olive pearl to close the sachet and prevent your making from escaping.
  • Leave to infuse 5-15 minutes depending on the nature of the dried plant.
  • Remove the sachet, empty it then rinse with water. It is also possible to use a soft soap by hand, and dry it in the open air.
  • It will be quickly dry, you can reuse it shortly after, as many times as you want!

Infused plants can try the fabric such as hibiscus (or "bissap"). To avoid too much coloring, empty and rinse immediately after use your sachet, with clear water.

  • A bag for 100% Provençal infusions!

The factory is 100% Provencal carried out by the care of the Jasmine workshop, a professional reintegration association, with a lot of talent! The production process used is therefore socially responsible and respectful of the environment.

Become an actor of consumption to limit waste and especially for your well-being!

Can also be an original, ecological and useful gift😊 - Our craft sachets are part of our organic Cabri d'Or boxes.

  • Dimensions : 8x8.5cm (approximately).


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