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herbes de provence biologique authentiques et véritables

Where do the Provence herbs sold in France come mainly come from?

90% of Provence herbs sold in France actually come from abroad ...
Provence herbs Le Cabri d'Or Organic


Many consumers ignore it, but many have never really tasted Provence herbs from Provence. Indeed, it is estimated that more than 90% of the Provence herbs sold in France actually come from abroad, whether China, Morocco, Poland etc.

Thus, the authenticity of the Provence herbs of the Cabri d'Or is not comparable to the Provence herbs in trade. These are different products because if the climate can sometimes be similar, the earth does not have the same characteristics which impacts the smell and taste of herbs.

  • 1. What are the herbs that make up Provence herbs?

Provence herbs consist in a mixture of several dried herbs such as savory, thyme, oregano and rosemary. There is also basil. If you left hiking in Provence, then it is a safe bet that you have already seen these aromatic plants.

  • 2. Why is the name "Provence herbs" not protected?

The fact that this appellation is not protected thus allows large distributions in particular to sell under the name "Herbs of Provence" while the mixture could be from A Sariette de Poland, with Morocco thyme, Chinese oregano etc . When you think about it, you are far from the southern scent and the garrigue.

  • 3. Why are these Provence herbs imported when our region is completely adequate for growing them?

Certainly for social, and commercial reasons. Indeed, labor law in China is much less regulated than the French market (minimum wage, child labor, etc.). This cheap labor therefore allows you to pull the prices down.

In addition, the final packaging does not distinguish the authentic Provence herbs from others. Thus, the consumer has no means to compare the products if it is not their aspects at the time of his purchase. However, during consumption, no smell of garrigue, your dish only has an appearance but the taste is not there.

Do not look anymore, you just didn't buy Provence herbs.

  • 4. How can we change things?

Do not hesitate to share this information around you, and maybe when distributors will realize that people no longer buy from them then maybe they will understand the importance of obtaining a geographic label for Provence herbs so that the consumer can have more transparency on the origin of the products.


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Authentic Provence herbs Bio Cabri d'Or

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  • Un grand merci pour l’information que vous donnez sur les herbes de Provence. Je comprends mieux pourquoi je trouvais que leur saveur était loin de celles de la garrigue dont je me souvenais. Ce soir, j’aurai appris beaucoup de choses :merci

    Thérèse Liénard

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