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Jan 27, 2023

Aromathérapie et Infusions Biologiques

L'aromathérapie et les tisanes sont des pratiques naturelles pour prendre soin de sa santé physique et mentale. Il est important de privilégier les produits biologiques et locaux pour en tirer les bénéfices les plus importants.

Dec 19, 2022

La cuisine aux herbes et plantes Aromatiques

Il est parfois difficile de savoir par ou commencer pour apprendre à cuisiner avec herbes et épices, c'est pourquoi nous vous proposons des recettes culinaires originales et simples !

Nov 15, 2022

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the friend of the plants

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was made on late amateur herbalist. Find some of these references from his work "Reveries of the Solitaire walker".

Sep 7, 2022

Natural remedies

The renewed interest in recent years for natural medicines to 'improve and strengthen its daily metabolism is very real.

Aug 24, 2022

Essential oils and herbal teas

Introduction The art of treating itself by essential oils and/or by hydrosols is called aromatherapy. The active ing...

Aug 20, 2022

Tea ? Tisane ? Rooibos?

Many people ignore the difference between herbal teas, tea and rooibos. However, the differences between the effects on our body between these three drinks are very notable. We will try to dissect all of this in this article in the biological herbalism of the golden cabri.

Aug 2, 2022

The art of infusion through the ages

Do you know the difference between infusion and herbal tea? The infusion is a mode of preparation for the herbal tea. In any case, infusion and herbal tea allow you to drink useful. Drinking herbal tea every day is a guarantee of good health.

Feb 10, 2022

The reusable craft sachets of the Golden Cabri

The reusable bags washable in organic cotton are an organic and ecological alternative to disposable filters. Without any chemical treatment, it allows you to infuse your organic dried aromatic herbs and aromatic plants of the golden cabri with confidence.

Feb 4, 2022

Where do the Provence herbs sold in France come mainly come from?

Many consumers are unaware of it, but it is estimated that more than 90% of Provence herbs sold in France actually come from the 4 corners of the world. The Cabri d'Or values ​​short circuits in order to offer authentically Provencal products, such as our Provence herbs.

Nov 30, 2021

Introduction on techniques: infusions/decoction/maceration

Cold or hot, the herbal tea is preparing in different ways depending on the parts of the plant used or the effects sought. Thus, it is essential to adapt your preparation mode to best extract the active ingredients.
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