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Sainte Victoire Provence Herboriste Biologique

History of the Golden Cabri

The golden goat is a forgotten Provencal legend and yet a number of Provencal authors have already referred to it as Frédéric Mistral, Paul Arène or Alphonse Daudet.

The legend

We describe this goat as a fabulous animal with coat, hooves and golden horns, whose mission would be to keep and protect the treasures hidden in the caves of Provence.

Malicious, this goat goes out in the evening to attract people eager for money and wealth. These people, thinking of trapping the goat in the cave, was then trapped in an endless labyrinth before perishing.

The Cabri d'Or

The ambition of this craft business is to offer products from the Provencal terroir, sublimate by local and authentic know-how. The main idea is to travel this Provence which smells of the garrigue while respecting our terroir.

All these treasures are therefore from organic farming, the containers are eco -responsible (Kraft, ink). From production to packaging, everything is produced locally.


The treasures of the golden cabri

Treasures share in several categories:

  1. Dried herbs and aromatic plants with multiple benefits. All dried herbs and plants come from organic farming.
  2. Hydrols and organic essential oils.
  3. Crafts in ceramic produced in the village of Pagnol, Aubagne.
  4. Unique boxes sewn and painted by hand to do good to others and to yourself.
The treasures
Provence Provencal Cabri d'Or bag
Organic dried herbs from Provence Le Cabri d'Or
Venue Lourmarin castle Isle sur Sorgue Sainte-Victoire


Finally, it is the know-how specific to our craftsmen and farmers combined with the many pleasures that Garrigue offers us that offers us this Provencal trip.

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Source for the legend of the gold goat:

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To find out more about our products from the Provençal terroir:

- Infusion sachets

- The boxes

- Dried herbs and aromatic plants

- hydrosols

- Essential oils

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