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Verveine Citronnelle - Lippia Citriodora

Lemongrass verbena - lippia citrioDora

Odorant organic lemongrass verbena the golden cabri Relaxing infusion well being summil nervousness

Lemongrass verbena -leaves and its characteristics


Coming from Chile in the 17th century, lemongrass or fragrant verbena is recognized by its light green leaves giving off a strong lemon scent when crumpled them. Verbena is cultivated in Provence and in the South.

Natural Verbena Organic Provence France Le Cabri d'Or Herbaliterie Quality

Product sheet - organic organic verbena


Bulk dried organic leaf


Lemongrass verbena - Lippia CitrioDora..


Soothing, relaxing, sleep disorders, digestive, relaxing.


France - 100% organic plant.

Infusion preparation method

Make the water shudder then pour the simmering water on the dried leaves of Verbena. Infuse 5-10 minutes, filter before serving.


Description of the plant

Large tree from America, it can reach up to 8m high in the wild. Its leaves are long and lanceolate and with petioles very short. The harvest of the leaves is done in two stages. A first harvest in June then a second time, in September. Its dried leaves keep very well.

The benefits of The odorous verbena/lemongrass

Farmeum verbena is traditionally used to facilitate digestion and reduce the nervousness of children and adults, particularly in the case of sleep disorders.
Its perfume provides a very pleasant drink, "lemongrass tea", and it can also be done in sorbets. Verbena's herbal tea relaxes and is relaxing without sleeping. It is the most consumed plant in infusion in France.
Farm Verbena Lippia CitrioDora Le Cabri d'Or Herbier Biologique

Consumption of dried leaves

  • Infusion
  • In the kitchen

In the kitchen, dried lemongrass leaves And can be added to fruit and dessert salads. Its perfume will marry well with exotic dishes, sauces, ice cream, or other desserts.

Special precautions
    Verbena is recognized as a safe plant but be careful not to fall into excess.
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