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Queen near - Filipendula Ulmaria

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The queen of the near -the flowers and their characteristics


Queen of Eco -responsible organic KRAFT sachets

Product sheet - Queen of Organic


Bulkly dried organic flowers in bulk


Filipendula Ulmaria.


Anti-rhumatic, draining, fever, diuretics, sudorific, antispasmodic.

France - 100% organic plant.


Infusion, milk, ice, creams, desserts, donuts.

Description of the plant

The stem of the Queen-Des-Près, sometimes reddish, can measure up to 60 cm long and is made up of toothed leaflets, spaced, a beautiful dark green on top and white on the underside of the branches.

The benefits

There is no trace of its use in phytotherapy before the 18th century. Since then, interesting properties have been highlighted as its role in the elimination of water in the tissues, its tissue tightening action, or its ability to absorb toxins.

It still finds use in the event of light flu, headache and dental pain.

Consumption of dried queen-des-près flowers

  • Infusion
    1. Make 1l of water shudder.
    2. Add 3-4g queen of the approximately dried.
    3. Filter.
    4. You can drink 3 cups per day of this infusion.
    • In the kitchen

    Some creative chefs use the perfume of the Queen-Des-Près from a full-bodied infusion of sugary flowers with honey for example. You can also concoct a flower vinegar or for a dessert (ice, cream, etc.).

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