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Pensée Sauvage - Viola tricolor

Wild thought - Viola Tricolor

Wild thought with dried organic aromatic plant le Cabri d'Or herbalism France Artisan producer

Wild thought -the dried plant and their characteristics

Biological wild thought The French Hebornian Cabrrist Antiseptic antioxidant antioxidant


Wild thought for our grassland and our fields with its light, yellow, white and purple blue flowers. Perennial plant we find this plant in the wild in Europe, Africa, Asia, along the fields. A petal turned down and four others set up these flowers from violets. This plant is not only pretty in the fields, it will please you on your plates.

Product sheet - Organic wild thoughts


BI -dried organic aerial part


Wild thought - Viola Tricolor.


Anti-inflammatory, skin problems, laxative, depurative, diuretic, cholagogue, choleretics, expectorant.


France - 100% organic plant.


Infusion, entrances, compound salads, gourmet dessert, dye, cream.

Description of the plant

 Wild thought is a generally perennial little plant. Its root is fibrous. These aromatic flowers are small particularly like violet but four of these petals are straightened and the fifth, directed downwards, is extended by a spur. The flowers are yellow, white, purple hence the scientific name of this plant, "Viola tricolor".

The benefits

Wild thought appeared in the 16th century. The flowers are then used on the size of the respiratory tract. Flavonoid richness and saponins promotes the renal and hepatic elimination of toxins. Traditionally, it is part of the treatment of prostatic conditions, arterial circulation disorders and diabetes. It is used in internal and external use in various skin conditions: impetigo, herpes, psoriasis.

Consumption of dried flowers of wild thought

  • Infusion
    1. Make 1l of water shudder.
    2. Add Y 5g of dried wild thought.
    3. Filter.
    4. You can drink 3-4 cups per day of this infusion.
    • In the kitchen

    This flower is soft at the palace and is therefore particularly accompanied by sweet as in candied candies or jelly. It decorates your dishes in an original way.

    Note: It can also be used in decoction for cosmetic use.

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