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Millepertuis - Hypericum Perforatum

Millepertuis - Hypericum perforatum

St. John's Wort Effect Antidepressant Effect calming the Golden Cabri Denial Plant AB

Introduction on St. John's Wort

Originally from Europe and the Middle East, the Fleuri Fleuri mainly at the end of June or early July. It is known to help treat psychosomatic disorders, anxiety, and also mild to moderate depression. Millepertuis contains several active ingredients such as flavonoids. We often speak of a thousand-feet cure in order to take advantage of the anti-depressant effect of the plant. However, St. John's Wort can have interactions with certain drugs, hence the need to consult your doctor without fault before starting such a cure.

Millepertuis Common Hypericum Perforatum Natural Antidepressant Le Cabri d'Or herbalisme Biologique Provence France

Product sheet - Billepetuis Biological


Bulk dry plant - organic

Common name - Latin name

Millepertuis -Hypericum perforatum.

Traditional virtues

Natural antidepressant, Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, Sedatives, antispasmodic, anti-infectious, antioxidants.

Common use of the flower

Infusion, salad, in case of nervous fatigue.

Infusion preparation method

  1. Heat the water until boiling.
  2. Add 20g of St. John's Wort to infuse between 10 min.
  3. Filter, drink 4 cups a day, hot or cold.


Description of the plant

The thousand -feet stems are 30 to 60 cm and their harsh aromatic flavor leaves are added to salads from the beginning of spring. Very present in Europe, the Common Millepertuis, Hypericum Perforatum, is renowned for its effective antidepressant effect. This perennial plant with golden yellow petals, punctuated with black on the edge, has two periods of harvest:

  1. From March to May for stems/leaves
  2. From June to September for flowers

A plant like no other

Due to its depressant effects and its psychological effect, the Thousand Festureworthy interacts potentially dangerous with synthetic antidepressants and the organism can take some time to eliminate them. It is also often recommended to spare a certain time interval between the interruption of treatment to a synthetic antidepressant and the beginning of a treatment with a thousandpertuis. In short, we will never say enough about the importance of medical advice for cures in order to have quality follow -up.

How to use Millepertuis in the kitchen?

  • Fresh: The thousandpertuis is edible. Indeed, its raw leaves can be added to salads. These flowers can be used to flavor fermented drinks or to set up an oily macerate.
  • Dried: Dried, they are generally consumed in infusion.
Millertuis Biological Le Cabri d'Or Natural Antidepressant Provence France Label AB

Special warnings and precautions

As Paracelse said,

"Everything is poison and nothing is without poison, the dose alone means that something is not a poison"

This is a thought that applies perfectly to St. John's St. John's Day. It is advisable, for example, not to drink more than 3-4 cups a day of St. John's Day. Same thing, we often talk about 3 weeks of cure for the thousandpertuis with a break of the same duration before a recovery.

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