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Lavande Biologique Séchée Provence France

Lavender - the plant and its characteristics

The Cabri d'Or presents to you:

Bio Provence France Cabri lavender


Bulk dry plant - organic

Common name - Latin name

Lavender - Lavandula Angustifolia

Traditional virtues

Antispasmodic, anti -stress, calming, diuretic, sudorific, anti -utilomatic, antiviral, expectorant.

Plant temperament nature

Hot and dry

Common use of the flower

Infusion, perfume, bath, floral water, condiment.

Infusion preparation method

10min - 2-4gr/cup


Description of the plant

Lavender is a shrub in the shape of a bush. It is part of the lamiaceae family such as white lamier, it is part of the Provencal heritage.

The stems, from 20 to 50 cm, rowing from the base, are elongated, greenish to grayish with a purplish nuance. They wear opposite, lanceolate, linear, persistent, hairy leaves.

The flowers, visible in June-July, of a pretty blue, are worn by floriferous stems, larger than tufts, in terminal epis. It is also interesting to plan the route of lavender by bike in order to fully enjoy the beauty of these fields.

Dry organic lavender Cabri or

To go further, Lavandin is a hybrid formed from true lavender and large lavender.

Where is lavender cultivated?

Lavender prefers well -drained floors, not too rich, and full sun. Also, the germination of the seeds can be random; You can also practice semi-aoutized cuttings in summer. The flowers are generally harvesting on the sunny summer mornings.

Difference between lavender and lavandin?

Lavandin is a natural, sterile hybrid, resulting from the cross between so -called “fine” lavender and “aspic” lavender. Lavandin therefore reproduces only by Bouturag while lavender (known as fine lavender) also reproduces by seed.

Their big distinction is found in the smell. Thus, LE Lavandin has a slightly more camper odor while true lavender has a slightly more delicate fragrance.


For the little story...

Lavandula comes from Lavare, "washing", there is common use to flavor washing water, or linen in the cabinets.


Pleasantly flowery and typical.

Special warnings and precautions

  • Allergy possible for people allergic to the lamiaceae.
  • This product cannot replace a balanced diet
  • Except advice from the doctor or pharmacist, do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding and in children under 3 years old
  • Keep away from any heat and light source.

Our products and labels

  • All our herbs and plants are certified organic, including lavender and lavandin.

AB Le Cabri d'OrLe Cabri d'Or, AB, Eurofeuille

  • There are two types of Cinverting in plastic -free krafts sachets:
    • Small format: 40g
    • Large format: 200g
Lavender, Cabrid'or, small formatLavender, golden cabri, large format


So, rather lavender or washer?

- For lavender, click here.

- For the Lavandin, click here.


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