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Hibiscus - Hibiscus Syriacus

Hibiscus - the flower and its characteristics

The Cabri d'Or presents to you:

Dried organic hibiscus


Bulk -dryer whole flower in bulk


Hibiscus - Hibiscus syriacus.


Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, hypotensive, hypocholesterol, gentle laxative, cholagogue, digestive.


France - 100% organic plant.

Infusion preparation method

10min - 2gr -4gr/cup (about 25cl)


Description of the plant

The hibiscus we consume is from West Africa where its "bissap" infusion is called). Many people who taste it want to renew the experience by redoing the infusion at home. Indeed, its color, smell and ease of use makes it a real asset.

The regions of the south of France have a very suitable climate to cultivate hibiscus, which makes the Cabri d'Or and its customers happy. The choice to market the heated and organic dried hibiscus flowers has been taken to offer the consumer, the best possible experience with a healthy and safe product.

Advice during their use: Like the other dried aromatic plants and herbs, hibiscus flowers keep for months in its well -closed bag (or a box), away from light, heat and humidity.

The benefits of hibiscus

As described in the product sheet, this plant has digestive virtues which helps fight against stomach aches and intestinal spasms. It is also a diuretic, promotes kidney elimination, and allows good drainage.

For the most informed, it is good to note that the hibiscus also contains a wide panel of antioxidants: vitamin C, betaacarotene, anthocyane which give it its red color.

Consumption of hibiscus flowers

  • Infusion

The hibiscus is mainly preparing for infusion, hot or cold. For a liter of water, we pour 4 teaspoons of dried hibiscus flowers, we let infuse 10 minutes covered, then filter. In traditional recipes, we often add sugar, but the golden cabri advises not to put anything or use honey as a substitute.

Other dried plants and herbs can be added for mixtures like organic peppermints for example.

  • In the kitchen

Its color and flavor are also interesting. In the same way as for a herbal tea, we let the hibiscus infuse in a liquid (syrup, milk, sauce) or, it can also be mixed with powder to sprinkle it directly on a dish or add it to desserts like The cakes (on the dough) or a compote.


Our products and labels

  • All our herbs and plants are certified organic. Indeed, this ensures the consumer a good guarantee of quality (which is felt by the smell and the quality of the flowers).

AB Le Cabri d'OrLe Cabri d'Or, AB, Eurofeuille

  • There are two types of packaging in krafts sachets in the mind 0 waste :
    • Small format: 30g (about 10 cups)
    • Large format: 160g (about 50-60 cups)

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