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Bruyère - Calluna Vulgaris

Bruyère - Calluna vulgaris

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Bruyère -the flower and its characteristics


As explained on the synthetic product sheet, there are a multitude of heather. The white heather, for example, is rare and is considered to be lucky. It was said that burning heather at the same time as ferns would drop the rain. This folklore hides many other interesting characteristics linked to these flowery tops.

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Product sheet - Organic heather


Bulk -dryer whole flower in bulk


Bruyère - Calluna vulgaris.


Diuretics, urogenital, depurative, anti-rhumatism.


France - 100% organic plant.

Infusion preparation method

5min - 2c. coffee/cup (about 25cl)


Description of the plant

Arbrisseau with brittle branches, tender green, whole, close, plated against the branch. Callune is the best known heather of all heather. This is a sub-armrisseau 20 to 60 cm high, and generally pushes accompanied by the pretty ash heather whose pink or purple flowers form small "bells".

The benefits of the heather

As described in the product sheet, the heather has been used in the past for its antiseptic properties of urinary searches. Its flowering tops have often been used in drinking heather infusions (3-4 weeks maximum) as well as in heather baths. Indeed, his baths are advised to athletes and convalescents to restore tone.

For rheumatism, it can be combined with the queen of the herbal tea for a herbal tea in order to benefit from the synergy of the properties of these two plants.

Consumption of hibiscus flowers

  • Infusion

Although edible, the Callune heather is generally used in infusion or decoction. Other dried plants and herbs can be added to it for mixtures like the Organic Queen for example.

  • Bath

Taking a hot bath with dried heather would give your body back tone. These baths are sometimes practiced by athletes or the convalescents to find the form.

  • In the kitchen

La Bruyère was used by the Gauls but it is now or very little used in France.

Special precautions
    We advise our customers to always consume herbs and aromatic plants certified organic and having been cultivated/harvested in France. Indeed, this ensures the consumer a good guarantee of quality (which is also felt by the smell and the quality of the flowers) because the rules and standards may vary. This is also the reason why the Cabri d'Or offers exclusively French and certified organic local products.

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