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Achillée Mille-feuille - Achillea Millefolium

Achillée Mille -Feuille - Achillea Millefolium

Achilée Millefeuille Biological Le Cabri d'Or France Natural Herbalist

Achillae Millefeuille -the flower and its characteristics

Biological achievement The characteristics He a herbalist bin

Product sheet - Achillae Millefeuille - Achillea Millefolium


Dry organic cut flower


Achillae Millefeuille - Achillea Millefolium.


antispasmodic, antiseptic, progestogen, digestive.


France - 100% organic plant.

Infusion preparation method

10min - 1gr -2gr/cup


Description of the plant

Perennial plant of the northern hemisphere, the Achilée grows on dry terrains and on the edge of the paths. It is often noted by its flowers in white or pink bouquets which last all summer.
The Achilée is made mythical by Homer's story in the Trojan War. Indeed, the legend would like Chiron, the centaur, character of Greek mythology and master in the art of herbalism, teaches at the Thursday Achilles the secrets of his science. The young Achilles would have treated his injured companions thanks to the Achilée.

The benefits of the Achillae

As described in the product sheet, this plant has digestive virtues that helps fight against stomach cramps. The infusion of its dried flowery tops, taken before meals, also gives appetite.

Mille-feuille is also used in juice for its tonic properties. In internal and external use, it is effective against all bleeding. So you can use the infusion of compress.

Consumption of hibiscus flowers

  • Infusion

The Achilée is mainly preparing for infusion, hot or cold. For a liter of water, we pour 6 teaspoons of dried Achilée flowers, we let infuse 10 minutes covered, then filter.

Perfect for facilitating digestion by secretion of bile.

  • In the kitchen

You can eat throughout the year of its cooked foliage, even in winter. Achillae can cook in spinach.

Our products and labels

  • All our herbs and plants are certified organic. Indeed, this ensures the consumer a good guarantee of quality (which is felt by the smell and the quality of the flowers).

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