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Absinthe Biologique Séchée Infusion Tisane

Absinthe - The plant and its characteristics

The Cabri d'Or presents to you:

Absinthe Bio Cabri Herbalist Infusion 


Absinthe - Artemisia absinthium.

Other names:

Artemisia absinthium, great absinthe, absta, aluyne, aluine, alvine, aloïne, sagebrush, holy grass, grass to verses, alvine menu, bitter sagebrush.


Infusion, white chocolate, liquor, wine.

Shape / quantity

Aerial Part cut organic dry in bulk / 20g - 60g.


France - 100% organic plant.


Digestive, dewormer, diuretic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, aphrodisiac.


Description of the plant

From the large family of Armoises, it is a perennial plant, with an elegant port, which forms a 40cm bush 1.50m high. We use the leaves as well as the flowery tops. The bitter leaves of this plant are especially indicated to flavor beer, liqueurs and wines with herbs, flavor oils and vinegars or serve as a condiment once dried.

What are the medicinal virtues of absinthe?

    At the beginning of the last century, absinthe alcohol was consumed as an aperitif. However, the plant associated with alcohol causes hallucinations and irreversible brain damage. Consumption was prohibited in 1915. The plant remains a real medicinal.

    • It is toned and aperitif, it is therefore very useful in cases of convalescence.
    • It is an anti-nausea, very effective against transport evil.
    • It is traditionally used against fever.
    • It relieves rules of rules.
    • It is an excellent dewormer, especially against oxygers.


    A plant known for its bitterness and liquor for centuries, absinthe remains a must -see thanks to its many virtues.

    How to use dried absinthe?

    • Classic Absinthe infusion

    At the rate of 10 to 25 grams (equivalent of 4 tablespoons) of the dry plant per liter of boiling water. Drink a maximum of 3 cups per day. Absinthe being very bitter, you can soften it by adding a tablespoon of mint for example as well as honey.

    Bio Absinthe Infusion, Golden Cabri

    Why use this infusion?

    • For digestive disorders, 1-2 cups per day before meals.
    • For menstrual disorders, 2 cups of this herbal tea are taken every day, during the week before your period.
    • For gallbladder disorders: make a maceration. Put about 100 g of dried flowers in a liter of olive oil. Let stand for a month. A tablespoon of this fasting oil, and another before lunch.

    Special warnings and precautions

    Beware of excesses: absinthe should never be used for more than 8 days in a row, nor exceed the doses. Particularly in pregnant or lactating women.

    Our products and labels

    • All our herbs and plants are organic certified.

    AB Le Cabri d'OrLe Cabri d'Or, AB, Eurofeuille

    • There are two types of packaging in plastic -free krafts bags:
      • Small format: 20g
      • Large format: 60g


    So ? Ready to try the organic dried absinthe of the gold cabri?

    To find it, click on the following link: Absinthe organic dried.


    To find out more - sources:



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