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Herboriste écoresponsable engagée biologique

Free organic labels

Free engaged company of the French artisan biological label

Company committed for free organic labels

Our artisanal herbalism is committed to the free organic farming and for the creation of a label for non -organic farming products.


Current context

The Cabri d'Or Biological Business
Organic farming is conditioned by significant labels and constraints that prevent organic farming from developing. Especially in small structures that cannot afford to pay organic labels which are very expensive.
The AB label is not the only biological label on the market. Indeed, Biocoherence, Ecocert, Eurofeuille, Cosmebio etc. So many labels which have become a real constraint for small and medium -sized enterprises and for craftsmen, who sometimes cannot afford its financial costs and the time devoted.

Solution for compliance with the "polluter pays" principle

For these reasons, the Cabri d'Or has created a petition in order to alert public opinion and the public authorities on this inconsistency in order to set up a simple principle, that of the "polluter pays".

This can result in:

  • Creation of the AC label "Chemical Agriculture" in order to tax companies that use chemicals.
  • Free Label AB "Organic Agriculture" thanks to the income generated by the AC label

The herbs of the golden cabri are all biological without chemical treatments and will remain so. This is one of the pillar of our company.

To join the biological movement

To sign the petition: click here.

Contact us here And let us know your ideas, your reflections on the inconsistencies around us in order to build a better world together.

Below, an example of a possible label for chemical agriculture.

In the meantime, to find our non -processed organic dried aromatic herbs, you can simply click here:

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