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Tote-bags du Cabri D'Or - Artisanat Provençal

Tote -Bags du Cabri d'Or - Provencal craftsmanship

unique and original Provencal tote-bags surprising the golden cabri

Tote -Bags du Cabri d'Or - 100% Provencal craftsmanship

Introduction Creations of the Cabri d'Or - Ted Aix Tours

Le Cabri d'Or is a young Aix artisanal company with the ambition to offer local and organic products. The containers are sewn by hand in order to offer boxes/packs in an eco -responsible logic (use of fabric fall, fabric recovery).

As part of the Aix Tours TED, the Cabri d'Or looked at a simple problem: offer a 100% Provencal, artisanal and Aixois quality gift. A perfect project for our company since it corresponds to the values ​​of the biological herbalism of the Cabri.


Making "tote bags" for a gift at the end of a treasure hunt


First of all, what is a tote bag?

Word " tote bag "Comes from English" to tote "Which means" lugging ". To put it simply, we define the tote bag Like a multi-use fabric bag that we carry around everywhere!

The tote bags of the golden cabri add, however, a significant eco -responsible dimension since the Provencal fabrics are recovered in "upcycling" in order to give a second breath to these fabrics.

We have integrated, inside this original tote bag, an artisanal pocket comprising 3 pouches with fine organic dried herbs from Provence, including the herbs of Provence, lavender, and a salt flavored with rosemary.


The tote bags, its craft pocket and the organic dried aromatic plants

The 100% artisanal "totebags" bags, as the pockets and pouches are handmade in Aix-en-Provence contain 3 pouches. All dried herbs and aromatic plants come from Provence and are cultivated with environmentally friendly practices (organic farming). The pockets were obviously matching each totebot tote, a unique bag of its kind!

Totebag and matching pocket Provencal Tours Ballade


Image of different personalized Provencal bags

craft tote Provence craftsman Creator France Cabri
Tote Bag Vert Provencal Local Handicrafts France Creation Craftsman Creator France Le Cabri d'Or totebag Beau herbalist



Contact us to set up your personalized box

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You can find on this link the other creations of the Cabri d'Or.


The Cabri d'Or Artisanal creations of Provence Biological Herbalism



If you like our work and if you have a proposal, a project idea or any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email: or send us a message via our platform here.

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