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le cabri d'or herbal shop catalogue biologique aromatic herbs plantes séchées soin bien être santé

Dried organic plants & herbs

Find the list of organic dried aromatic plants and herbs from the gold cabri and the link in order to facilitate your research:

Name of the dried plant Link on the Cabri website
Biological absinthe
Biological millefeuille
Organic fetid ballot
Organic Bourdaine
Organic heather
Biological carvi
Beni organic thistle
Biological marry thistle
Epilobe with small organic flowers
Biological French tarragon
Biological eucalyptus
Biological vulgar fennel
Organic scratch gaillet
Biological Robert Geranium
Organic marshmallow
Biological hibiscus
Organic hysope
Biological lavender
Biological Lavandin
Organic White Marrube
Biological pharmacy melilot
Lemon balm
Organic peppermint
Organic black murier
Biological myrtillier
Biological walnut
Organic oregano
Small organic nettle
Biological dioic nettle
Organic wild thought
Biological pervenche (small)
Biological pulmonary
Biological meadow queen
Ronce of organic woods
Biological saponary
Organic pharmacy sage
Organic white willow
Biological scabieuse
Biological Scoopendre
Solidation gold rod
Thym Carvaro

Organic lime

 Herbalism France Provence Bio


All aromatic plants and herbs come from local farmers, these herbs and plants are then packaged in krafts and ink sachets is applied, an eco -responsible conditioning.


For the professional catalog, write to us here.

see you soon,

The golden cabri.

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